Uri Care

Uri Care is a herbal extract supplement. To support urination. Clinically proven herbal formula. UriCare is a clinically researched herbal formula that effectively supports normal urinary tract function. Taken daily, UriCare keeps the kidneys and urinary tract clean and working at optimal efficiency. UriCare promotes normal urine composition and helps to temporarily increase water weight.


Uromexil is a high quality natural supplement that helps relieve the symptoms of prostatitis. Thanks to Uromexil biocapsules, it is possible to quickly and long-term restore their own health and normalize the function of the prostate gland. Moreover, this supplement does not contain any side effects. It aims to effectively eliminate urinary problems and pain. […]

Cyto Forte

Cyto Forte is a remedy for cystitis (inflammation of the lining of the bladder) that most women suffer chronically from. Used to prevent and protect against infections. It is a biologically active food additive. It can also be used for any inflammatory diseases of the bladder, such as: urethritis, pyelonephritis, pyelitis. Cyto Forte can help […]


Cistat is an organice supplement that calms the urinary gland. When you always go to the restroom to pee, you know something is wrong. Better not overlook this problem as it can get a bit uncomfortable during sexual intercourse. This is common in women who need to change pads quite often. Believe it or not, […]