How to get rid of diabetes problems?

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Diabetes is a disease of food metabolism associated with an increase in blood sugar levels. A healthy person receives glucose in two ways through the foods consumed per day and the liver, which produces glucose. After the process of digestion of food, the pancreas produces insulin. If there is a disturbance in one of the processes, this is called diabetes mellitus. In medical practice, there are two types of diabetes mellitus, the first type occurs in the younger generation, the second is more common in older people. What symptoms to look out for:
  • A sharp decrease in activity, fatigue.
  • Constant thirst, you want to drink all the time at any time of the day.
  • Profuse and frequent urination.
  • Wounds heal slowly.
Each type of disease is treated differently, it is important to contact a specialist in a timely manner for help and treatment.

What types of diabetes exist?

The first group of diabetes mellitus is treated by controlling the level of insulin, it is administered through injections. The dose is selected individually based on the age, weight and many other factors of the patient. Special pumps and pens can be used to administer insulin. Pumps are very popular nowadays, they are convenient and you can easily check your blood sugar levels. With the second type of diabetes mellitus, it is possible to normalize blood sugar levels for quite a long time with proper treatment. The first thing to do is to establish nutrition and physical activity, if there is no positive dynamics, then you need to resort to medical treatment. The doctor prescribes special pills that can improve the patients condition, in rare cases you have to resort to insulin. It is important not only to use medications, but also to diet. The diet has differences for the first and second types. The main binding properties are calorie compliance on a daily basis. The main methods of treatment of diabetes mellitus.
  • Pills selected individually by a specialist.
  • Insulin shots.
  • Pumps that help monitor blood sugar levels.
  • Dieting.
  • Performing sports exercises.
Patients learn from their own experience which foods are better to exclude from the diet, and which to use on a daily basis. You need to eat about six times a day, in small portions, it is important not to overeat, but to feel full and energized from food. Eat vegetables and fruits daily, exclude potatoes, beans and beans. It is important not only to eat according to the rules of the diet, but also to perform exercises that the specialist will also tell you, this is an easy exercise that is useful for every person.