Glucofort is a unique drug that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. Over the years of research, scientists have been able to develop a unique formula that does not contain chemicals. By taking a dietary supplement as a maintenance drug, a person will be able to normalize blood sugar and improve metabolism.


Ceracare is an innovative drug that will help to take control of blood sugar levels and significantly improve overall condition, as a result of which you can notice quite striking positive changes. The drug will help to naturally restore the vitality of the body and significantly increase the indicators of the bodys potential that every […]


DiaformRX are capsules for people with diabetes. The drug is intended for people with diabetes and people in a pre-diabetic state. Prevents complications from improper metabolism. DiaformRX is a dietary supplement that helps protect against complications from high blood sugar.


Glucobalance is an all-natural remedy designed to improve the condition of a person with diabetes or pre-diabetes. With its help, you can not only reduce blood sugar levels, but also significantly improve the entire body. After all, its special formula works simultaneously in several directions, increasing the production of insulin, increasing the sensitivity of cells […]


Redusugar is a capsule formulation that is designed to lower blood sugar levels. Insulin is an anabolic hormone that supplies free fatty acids and carbohydrates from the blood to fat cells, and is produced in response to high blood sugar levels. Redusugar is an effective weight loss aid by lowering the amount of insulin produced […]


Diastine are special capsules designed to gradually relieve exacerbations and restore the body of a patient suffering from diabetes. Their reception is effective for various manifestations of the disease (first or second type, gestational, as well as hyperglycemia in pregnant women). In addition, capsules help to get rid of the consequences of this disease, manifested […]


Diaprin is a unique, advanced American technology drug that helps to overcome diabetes.

Blood Balance

Blood Balance is an effective means of regulating blood cholesterol levels. It can be taken as a prophylactic against thrombosis, blockage of blood vessels, hypertension, and fatty liver. It can be taken at any age and has no side effects or contraindications. Blood Balance is an oral capsule containing 30 capsules per pack (they are […]


Diapromin is a medication that is prescribed for type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients. It has a complex effect on the body, reducing symptoms and regulating sugar levels. Dibet greatly impairs the patient’s quality of life. Almost every diabetic dreams at some point to breathe deeply, free from insulin injections and the threat of […]


Dianol is a micellar complex based on natural ingredients. The product consists of two capsules, which are supposed to be used separately during the day. Each capsule has a unique composition, mainly consisting of components of plant origin. The drug is distinguished by good solubility of all components in the liquid of all cells. The […]