How to get rid of hearing problems?

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The main questions that sound in the offices of audiologists relate to hearing and its deterioration. As a rule, a decrease in auditory sensitivity is associated with formations in the ear canal. To return to normal, you need to see a doctor and undergo medical procedures to remove the cork. 4% of the Russian population faces sulfuric plug. First of all, this may be due to increased sulfur formation in the ear canals, their anatomical features, or changes in the composition of earwax at the hormonal level. Desperate patients take the initiative into their own hands, stocking up on herbal candles, whose effectiveness is doubtful, and the burn of the internal auditory canal is guaranteed. The most correct way to treat a sulfur plug is to contact a specialist who can correctly diagnose the cause and only then solve the problem. Cerumenolysis A medicinal composition of a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, Remo-Vax, A-Cerumen and other drugs is poured into the ear canal. Such a “cocktail” softens the formation and copes with loose formations. Also, cerumenolysis is used for patients for prophylactic purposes to cleanse the ear canal from sulfur formations for purposes. Washout (irrigation) Normal rinsing with warm water, except for strong pressure. However, this seemingly simple method requires a special apparatus. Irrigation also has contraindications: it is not used for inflammation, perforation of the eardrum and external otitis media. In addition, water pressure can cause a reaction from the vestibular apparatus: washing out is not recommended for patients with a weak vestibular apparatus. Aspiration This method does not involve any liquids, but the creation of a division in the ear canal, pulling the plug out. Aspiration is considered the safest and most anti-inflammatory treatment for ear plugs. Instrumental curettage Curettage in its concept borders on the operation. In the case of such contraindications as perforation of the eardrum, otitis, the consequences of middle ear surgery, as well as vestibular disorders, the doctor will have to resort to this method.