How to get rid of problems with hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids is a delicate problem that people dont like to talk about out loud. It gets to the point that there is only one way to deal with it - surgery. In order not to start a severe form of the disease, it is recommended to use the following methods of treatment. Ligation with latex rings Special latex rings are put on the leg that supplies the node with blood. The node ceases to fill with blood, dies off and after 2 weeks naturally leaves the body. The technique is simple, there are no side effects. The procedure only takes a couple of minutes. Coagulation at high frequencies Thermal energy emanating from the apparatus provokes vascular sclerosis. As in the previous method, blood flow is reduced. Only the node does not disappear, but returns to its original state. Transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization A rather gentle method that corrects the hemorrhoidal plexuses, while the nodes are not removed. The upper branches of the rectal artery that feeds the hemorrhoids are localized by ligation. Laser treatment It is prescribed for the 2nd and 3rd degree of the disease. In addition, the laser can also be used at the 1st stage of the disease, in order to prevent the subsequent formation of the disease. In addition, the laser quickly and effectively removes internal and external nodes, regardless of their depth. Radiosurgery Radio wave surgery uses radio waves to make incisions. The effect is achieved through heat. The technology is painless. Surgery In advanced cases - if the nodes increasingly fall out and almost do not reposition - the patient is already on the surgical table. Surgical removal of hemorrhoids frees from hemorrhoids for good. Of course, it takes quite a long time to recover after the procedure - approximately 1.5-2 months. And its pretty painful. In addition, hemorrhoids can be easily managed with the help of medications. Gels and creams are especially effective. But they help in most cases in the initial stages. The following are the most effective ways to help get rid of the problem of hemorrhoids.


Gelarex is a bio-based natural gel that relieves the symptoms of internal and external types of hemorrhoids. When exposed to the problem area, the following occurs: reduction of thrombosis, reduction of inflammation, pain, itching; stop bleeding (if any); restoration and normalization of the affected area of ​​the rectum; resorption of hemorrhoids. The speed of solving […]


Proctolab is an innovative remedy that can relieve hemorrhoids with certainty. The drug is intended for quick and safe elimination of the disease. The products are produced in the form of a cream; it can be used by men and women who seek to get rid of pathology without visiting the hospital. The cream does […]