How to get rid of problems with menopause?

Every woman with age comes to the time of menopause or, as it is also called, menopause. There is nothing unnatural in this, but the representatives of the weaker sex sincerely want to delay this unfortunate moment in every possible way. Treating and stopping menopause is not easy. Until recently, this was part of the science fiction. However, in the modern world, this desire has a chance for life, passing through three stages of treatment. Especially when it comes to young girls who come to menopause too early.

Non-drug treatment

Non-drug treatment is the first stage of menopause treatment. The concept includes methods such as herbal medicine, exercise therapy, climatotherapy, hydrotherapy and other spa treatments. All this primarily affects the physiological background. Also, for better work at further stages, the psychological health of the patient is also useful. There is also a recommendation on the diet: the consumption of fats, simple carbohydrates, salt and foods containing caffeine is reduced. Nutrition should be supplemented with fiber, that is, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products and vegetable oils.

Drug treatment

After a good preparation of the body, the specialist supplies the patient with prescriptions for medicines. First of all, these are safe, supporting vitamins A, C, E and D, with a complete group B, to enrich the body with useful substances. Next, antipsychotics and tranquilizers are already added, and so are herbal remedies, which are similar in composition to female sex hormones. And do not forget about the background health - the specialist must maintain the patients condition and periodically prescribe medications for concomitant, possibly chronic diseases. For the third stage of treatment, a physically healthy woman is needed, ready for heavy hormonal elements.

Hormonal treatment

The stage is very difficult, both for the specialist and for the patient. It is necessary to choose the right, safe hormones for further work, and also not to miss their combination: retail hormonal preparations are used at different stages of menopause.The general course of hormone treatment cannot exceed five to seven years, so as not to worsen the patients condition.


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