Psorilin What is it? Indications


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Psorilin What is it? Indications

Psorilin is a really effective remedy for the spread of psoriasis. Hyperkeratosis is controlled by it.

Detailed information - Psorilin
Product Name Psorilin
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Storage conditions Store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.


Willow infusion - fights against pathogenic microorganisms and eliminates infectionsinflammatory processes.Tea tree oil - eliminates germs and germs, disinfects skin, relieves itching and pain, arouses blood flow.The celandine is large - this part promotes the rapid healing of skin, begins the active process of restoration and cell regeneration.Juniper petroleum - bacteria are eliminated by this element, softens plaques and helps get rid of them.Birch extract - modulates normal metabolic processes in your system, strengthens resistance that is local.

    Psorilin Structure


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    How to use?

    1. Before applying the lotion, dry it using a soft towel and then you have to wash the skin nicely.Squeeze a small quantity of the lotion and evenly distribute it to the surface of the affected areas of the epidermis.Leave the product on the skin until completely absorbed into the epidermis.The cream ought to be applied to the skin at least 2 times each day, this will help to achieve the most effect.The plan of treatment is just 1 month.

    Psorilin How to use?

    How does it work? Contraindications

    Psorilin - contains only natural ingredients which do not cause side effects and irritations.It may be used in any age and even for really sensitive skin, because the dearth of components prevents aggravation of already damaged skin.The lotion has an effect on the epidermis, its active components easily penetrate to its layers and add to skins restoration.It calms the skin, nourishes and tones .Promotes wound healing.Softens plaques within the skin.Its antifungal properties.Relieves inflammatory processes.Eliminates itching and peeling of skin.Relieves redness.Activates the practice of regeneration of the skin cells.Increases the skins properties.Restores normal microcirculation of the blood in the layers.Normalizes metabolic procedures.Prevents skin scarring during healing.

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