Profollica is a complex system for the treatment of hair loss caused by the effect of dihydrotestosterone on the bulbs. The vast majority of men lose their hair precisely because of their genetic sensitivity to this androgen. It causes the miniaturization of follicles, the hair becomes thin and brittle and begins to actively fall out. […]


Follixin is an effective remedy for hair loss problems. The products are made from natural substances, which determines not only the effectiveness of treatment, but also its safety for health. The innovation is designed for home use, without additional visits to doctors. The drug is available in capsule form. They can be used by men […]


Profolan is a product designed to activate hair growth, prevent baldness, and eliminate associated problems. The products are produced in the form of capsules, which simplifies the possibility of undergoing a treatment course. The composition of the product is natural, without the addition of synthetics. The drug can be used by men and women. Before […]

Hair Care Panda

Hair Care Panda is a cosmetic product that can improve hair structure. It should be noted that the hair structure is often exposed to a large number of influences. Poor air quality, poor quality soap products that enter the scalp can negatively affect. With a negative impact, the ability to carry out a normal metabolism […]


Locerin is an effective preparation, thanks to which men and women of different ages can improve the condition of their hair and restore its growth. The products are in the form of capsules. The product is made according to a formula developed by experienced trichologists. Therefore, it does not contain unnecessary substances and always helps […]

Vita Hair Man

VitaHairMan is a capsule formulation that helps men stop hair loss.


Folisin is an innovative product that is guaranteed to stop hair loss, restore its natural characteristics and improve its appearance. The drug is available in capsule form. The products are made according to a formula created by doctors. That is why treatment leads to a positive result. The product can be used by men and […]

Jelly Bear Hair

Jelly Bear Hair is a remedy that helps to eliminate hair loss – a problem faced by a large number of women, men nowadays. Presented in the form of capsules placed inside a plastic bottle. Has the necessary permits for the intended use, has passed all the safety checks necessary for this kind of substances. […]