How to get rid of hair problems?

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A huge number of the female population suffers from problems associated with the scalp and hair. External factors that affect hair:
  • weather conditions;
  • emotional instability;
  • genetics;
  • diseases;
  • improper care, etc.
In order for the treatment to give the expected effect, it is necessary to find out the cause. For a complete diagnosis, it is better to contact a specialist who will help identify the cause of hair problems. And starting from this, choose the method that is necessary in your situation.

Methods of treatment

Recipes for home hair care. The use of honey in masks Honey allows you to get rid of dandruff, strengthens and nourishes. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, as a result, the hair becomes softer and more manageable. Salt application Masks with the addition of sea salt penetrate deep into the scalp, improve blood circulation and increase the process of hair growth. egg masks Vitamins and nutrients improve hair growth. Egg yolks can be used instead of shampoo once a week. Adding cosmetic oils Rinse hair with decoctions of herbs. Fire therapy is carried out only by specialists in salons This method allows you to get rid of brittleness and section of hair. Chemical methods or pharmacotherapy mean: medicines, multivitamin complexes, antifungal and hormonal drugs. All this, if necessary, appoints a specialist. Physiotherapy includes:
  • Massage is the most pleasant procedure, it promotes microcirculation and better absorption of nutrients.
  • Microcurrent - restoration of processes in tissues, improvement of metabolism.
  • Iontophoresis is a low current flow used to administer vitamins.
To maintain thick and healthy hair, you need to eat right, use shampoos and other products that are suitable for your hair type. Try to avoid chemical influences, overdrying of hair, keep cleanliness and it is better to choose high-quality hair care products. In extreme cases, if nothing works, they resort to hair transplantation. The operation consists in the fact that hair with healthy roots is implanted into the area without hair. There are several hair extension technologies.