Maxatin What is it? Indications


Maxatin What is it? Indications

Maxatin is an effective remedy designed to combat the deterioration of male sexual function. The drug has a positive effect on the walls of blood vessels, improving their elasticity, and also stimulates the production of testosterone in the endocrine glands. Thanks to this, the aging factors of the male body are reduced, and the problems that negatively affect the erection function disappear.

Detailed information - Maxatin
Product Name Maxatin
Delivery Country The whole world (Including UK, USA and India)
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Pharmacy Vacation Terms Without recipe
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Storage conditions Store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.
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Delivery terms 6-14 days
Availability on the official website Yes
Structure 100% natural
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Maxatin preparation consists only of natural active ingredients that compensate for the deficiency of certain substances necessary for the proper functioning of the male reproductive system.

  • cranberry - an extract obtained from the berries of this plant has a mild diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • pumpkin extract - affects the circulatory system of the body, improving blood flow in the pelvic organs, is able to increase sperm count;
  • Peruvian maca tubers - positively affect the production of male hormones, stimulate the nerve endings responsible for sexual desire;
  • sarsaparilla root - stimulates the organs of endocrine secretion to produce more sex hormones, while fighting pathogenic microorganisms, destroying some pathogens that are sexually transmitted;
  • zinc - thanks to it, testosterone begins to be produced in greater quantities, the speed of movement of sperm and their number increases;
  • amino acids - saturates tissues with oxygen, increasing the metabolic rate, and also increases the production of nitric oxide, which is responsible for the occurrence of an erection.


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How to use?

Maxatin capsules are recommended to be used 2 times a day, 1 piece inside. The drug must be taken with a glass of clean boiled water. The course of admission is 1 month. Before use, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the recommendations indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging.

How does it work? Contraindications

Maxatin has a positive effect on male sexual function. The tool effectively fights against premature ejaculation, significantly enhances libido, and can prolong the time of intercourse. Thanks to the natural ingredients that make up Maxatin, blood circulation in the pelvic area is normalized, the sensitivity of nerve endings is improved, because of this, the sensitivity of the erogenous zones is noticeably enhanced.
Maxatin acts effectively and quickly, the positive result of taking capsules is noticeable after a few days of taking. In addition to the beneficial effect on the male genital organs, the drug is also an excellent antimicrobial agent that destroys pathogenic microorganisms. Thanks to this, the general immunity improves, the correct metabolism is normalized and, as a result, more energy is produced, which is necessary for a healthy sex life.

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