How to get rid of joint problems?

Joint diseases occur in every third representative of the adult population. Most often, the debut occurs after 35 years. Aching chronic pains of the musculoskeletal system interfere with living a full life, working and being healthy. The acute phase can interfere with the normal movement of a person, even within his own home.

List of home treatments

  • Therapeutic gymnastics. Moderate physical activity will activate the supply of nutrients and improve the condition of cartilage.
  • Massage of problem areas. Massage movements will provide blood supply to tissues, start metabolic processes in cells. Circular movements, stroking, rubbing will relieve inflammation and restore activity to the joints. Daily procedures can get rid of the disease for a long time.
  • Compresses based on medicinal herbs and ointments. One of the most common methods is the application of cabbage juice, which is impregnated with organic tissue. The compress is left in the affected area, covered with a thick film and fixed with a bandage. Treatment is carried out at night. The method allows you to remove swelling and restore mobility.
  • Rubbing with natural ointments. Prepare an alcohol infusion from dandelion. The product is kept for 2 weeks, then cleaned and rubbed into the joints. Propolis ointment (100g) and aloe are prepared on the basis of sunflower oil (2 tablespoons).
  • Revitalizing baths with sea salt about 3 times a week. Massage is recommended during water procedures.
  • Balanced nutrition. The presence of fats, proteins, carbohydrates is important in the menu. Vitamins and trace elements should be supplied with food every day.
A variety of food categories will help preserve joints and protect against further damage. If there is excess weight, it is necessary to remove extra pounds. A large load on the joints will only accelerate the disease.

Causes of joint disease

The deformity of the articular apparatus is caused by many reasons. A significant long-term load, excess weight, hard work are physical factors that reduce the health of the joints.Internal problems and diseases: chronic and acute infections, hormonal changes, systemic diseases. Age-related changes that violate the integrity of the cartilage. Treatment must be prescribed by a doctor. In addition to drug therapy, there are time-tested methods for restoring and maintaining the condition of the joints. All methods are effective and available at home.


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