Immuten What is it? Indications


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Immuten What is it? Indications

Immuten to krople zwiększające odporność.Następujące problemy rozwiązuje kurs terapii kroplami immutenu:Ma wpływ na przenikanie zakaźnych mikroorganizmów i zarazków do organizmu. Wirusy i infekcje są eliminowane, co zapobiega rozwojowi powikłań, a proces wyniszczający jest eliminowany;Kropelki mają miejscowy wpływ, przenikając bezpośrednio do komory, która jest zapalna. Procesy jelitowe są eliminowane, a stan mikroflory stabilizowany;Działanie wirusa zostaje spowolnione w ciągu 5 dni, poprawia się ruchliwość białych krwinek;Podstawa Immuten ma delikatny efekt. Ochrona nie stymuluje. Odporność wzrasta bez przeszkadzania ochronnym reakcjom twojego ciała.Krople są odpowiednie dla dorosłych w każdym wieku, a także mogą być stosowane dla dzieci.

Detailed information - Immuten
Product Name Immuten
Delivery Country The whole world
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Storage conditions Store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.


The Immuten complex comprises all active materials of natural origin.

  • Substances from the droplet article are represented as concentrates that were liquid and thick :badger fat concentrate. The action of this active ingredient is directed so the immune reaction takes place without pathology, at purifying drainage in toxins .
  • The active ingredient and the rotten intestinal processes that trigger viruses; a complex of extracts from rosehips, dandelion blossoms, elderberry and ginger, badan fight. The action of the plant complex is aimed at preventing health issues after a viral or contagious disease;hryvast carrage.
  • The extract of the plant from the family of beans prevents the breakdown of background during an infectious illness;a mix of stone oil beaver musk and cumin. The complex affects the freedom of white blood cells, controlling the actions of the virus in your body systems;bee extract, propolis bee and concentrate pepper.
  • Sophisticated of compounds, stabilizes the state of immune defense in diseases and endocrine system failures;an combination of chamomile, elecampane and brownish algae extracts. Prevents the herpes virus action, and in its rash speeds the healing process; extracts from anise, chaga fungus, clover, sea buckthorn, amaranth, strawberry leaves, and anise loft up.
  • Blood purification is promoted by the active complex from toxins, which enhances immune protection and hydrates the skin;bamboo oleoresin. The active ingredient gives the effect of antioxidant, relieves fatigue, increases mental and physical tools.

Immuten Structure


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How to use?

  1. Immuten are drunk through illness and for preventive purposes. The directions for usage of Immuten define both approaches of taking the medication:Prophylactic management.

  2. Two times daily the drops are applied. The dose is 10 drops, dissolved in half a glass of plain water.
  3. The drops are all drunk before meals. For use Its enough to drink the drops for 5 days;Taking the item once the body is already infected.
  4. The drops are taken 4 times each day. As in the initial instance, the drops are dissolved in water, and taken before meals.In the severe type of viral illness and relapse, the therapeutic course might last from 1 to 2 weeks, and is prolonged.

Immuten How to use?

How does it work? Contraindications

Doctors often talk about the priority of prevention over treatment. But it wasnt obvious diseases could be averted. Hardening does not operate, medicines can be addictive, and also diminishing contact during epidemics is not always possible.

However, Immuten falls for Immuten dont fail. They can cope with a set of jobs:Rapid healing from diseases.Prevention of complications.Safety from exacerbations.Prevention of colds and diseases of viral origin.Clearing the tract of substances that are dangerous and sterile bacteria.Improvement of digestion.Unlike other medications, drops of Immuten dont drop down the organic Immutenthe biochemical balance in your system isnt disturbed.

The novelty functions gently and carefully, showing results. Its acceptable for both adults and kids, so you wont miscalculate by including the item in the mandatory first aid kit. On your prudence, youll thank yourself in the span of morbidity.

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