How to get rid of problems with muscle growth?

Anyone who has ever been interested in the topic of muscle growth knows that increasing muscle volume is not an easy task. It’s not enough just to obsess over work in the gym, which, by the way, should by no means be exhausting. It is extremely important to correctly combine various strategies for increasing muscles, of which there are quite a lot. But which ones are the most effective? Focus more on weight than reps In other words, first consolidate the true strength, and then focus on the approaches. Yes, it is impossible to exclude the existence of exercises in which the number of repetitions will play a more important role, increasing the effectiveness of the training. In exercises that involve a lot of muscles and joints, sometimes it will be more useful to do fewer approaches, literally up to 5-10, but then take the weight heavier than usual. Keep track of the time and components of meals Its no secret that one of the key moments of nutrition is protein, because it plays an important role in increasing muscle mass through synthesis. Protein synthesis = accumulation of protein in the body. Quite a lot of it can be found in legumes and various cereals, as well as in poultry meat. When increasing the amount of protein in the body, one should not forget about the right amount of omega-3 acids (which, by the way, can be found in fish) or amino acids, which are essential for the proper absorption of protein by the body. If we talk about the time of eating, then experts recommend that the last meal be carried out no later than two hours before bedtime. The only exception is the consumption of protein, which is not only possible, but also necessary to consume no more than 50g right before bedtime. It is also worth mentioning that athletes who want to gain muscle mass are advised to exclude any fasting and, on the contrary, have a snack every 3-4 hours. Dont forget about sleep Rest is important for absolutely every organism, not only for athletes, but due to the fact that their activity is much higher, it is extremely important for them to sleep for at least nine hours so as not to overload their body, giving it enough time to recover. Use nutritional supplements Now there are really a lot of sports supplements. A variety of firms, tastes and most importantly - the appointment. Some athletes use it to regulate the metabolism in the body, someone to increase endurance or to increase muscle mass more quickly. It is important to choose the right supplement not only based on the purpose, but also the quality and the manufacturer.

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