How to get rid of snoring problems?

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As statistics show, 11% of men and almost 6% of women suffer from their own snoring. And what can we say about those who are forced to listen to a vibrational low sound from their loved ones every night. Symptoms and causes of uncomplicated, mild snoring may include:
  • Overweight;
  • Drinking alcohol before bed;
  • Smoking;
  • Sleep on your back.
General recommendations and prevention The sound is born due to the weak muscles of the nasopharynx. To strengthen them, breathing exercises or mechanical exercises are recommended. The principle of the main exercise: to start and end your day about thirty times, try to open your mouth, preventing yourself with efforts on the jaw. Resistance strengthens the muscles of the palate. The same recommendations include humidifying the air in the bedroom, and, if prescribed by a doctor, moisturizing sprays, since snoring can be caused by dryness in the nasopharynx due to the external environment. Orthopedic pillows The main recommendation of the doctor is the purchase of an orthopedic pillow. Its about the position of the head in a dream. Too low a pillow guarantees tension in the neck muscles and tilting of the head. Orthopedic pillow prevents these risks, and also relaxes the chest, which reduces the symptoms of snoring. Intraoral devices For more severe cases, a doctors consultation and more complex treatments are recommended. According to the appointment of a specialist, a patient suffering from snoring is prescribed special devices that are installed in the mouth at night. Such devices are individual and made to order. The intraoral device is installed on the upper and lower teeth and creates an forward extension of the lower jaw, which facilitates breathing and increases air permeability. Surgical intervention When the cause of snoring is isolated, uvulopalatoplasty is the only effective way. Such an operation consists in excising the palatine uvula and arches, and in some cases, the tonsils. In recent years, due to the minimal risk of injury, laser and radiofrequency procedures on the soft palate are gaining popularity. Their principle is in the compaction of the soft palate.But this method is not effective in the treatment of snoring in conjunction with sleep apnea syndrome.